Kaviani saffron production, agriculture and knowledge-based complex is located in the beating heart of world saffron production, ie South Khorasan province – Ferdows city. This powerful complex was established by Mr. Majid Kaviani and managed by his family members.

Mr. Majid Kaviani has a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on e-commerce.

One of the valuable achievements of Kaviani saffron in the natural production of saffron is the non-use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and the use of groundwater and Baladeh aqueducts with world fame. Employing experienced personnel, with academic education, has created different products in terms of quality in this collection. In such a way that the unparalleled welcome of Kaviani saffron, in addition to meeting Iran’s domestic needs, has also led to successful and large-scale exports to more than 19 countries.

Customer orientation and maintaining the dignity of customers:

All products are stored in standard conditions and after approval by the quality control unit in a completely hygienic environment and with the use of committed employees, sorted and packaged and then sent to the market.

Physical and chemical analyzes, microbiology, heavy metals, toxins and pest control related to saffron produced in 1399 Kaviani saffron collection