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Special offer for the sale of superangin saffron in the export packaging of one gram inflorescence box
Limited time Enjoy 10% discount by buying at least 100 1 gram packages
For more information, call the Customer Affairs Unit: 989150563512
Buy with confidence, get with security
All orders of esteemed customers are subject to quality satisfaction guarantee. All your orders are covered by the door of the company until delivery
For more information, contact the Customer Affairs Unit: 989150563512
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To respect the rights of consumers and customers of Kaviani saffron collection The license link was published on the website for your viewing We appreciate your trust
شرکت زعفران کاویانی
Kaviani saffron, pure Iranian saffron

Iran, the cradle of saffron in the world and the cradle of saffron in Iran; South Khorasan province. Over time, farmers with an annual production of about 500 tons of saffron have been effective in the survival and value of this precious and widely used product in human life. With the change in life and the growth of technology in the 21st century, modern technology and processing in this product is essential.

Mr. Majid Kaviani, a graduate student in the field of e-commerce, has realized this need well and with production, processing, sorting and proper packaging has been able to achieve successful and bulky exports in addition to customer orientation around the world. And give confidence to the buyers and consumers of saffron.

Currently, Kaviani saffron is exported to 19 countries, including the countries of the Persian Gulf, East Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia.

Kaviani saffron with beautiful packaging and providing the best quality saffron has caused satisfaction, loyalty and stability of its customers.

Kaviani Saffron Group has been operating since 2004 as a company active in the largest producer and exporter of saffron in the world, with the aim of customer satisfaction and quality improvement.

This international company, by managing different parts of the saffron supply chain, has been able to produce Iranian quality saffron in the rich fields of Khorasan and deliver it to people all over the world.

Assignment of sales agency

We hereby invite all respected saffron traders and traders in Iran and other parts of the world who have the minimum capital and necessary facilities to hand over the saffron sales agency with the Kaviani brand.

Contact us for more information.

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